One Sweet Gesture, 20% of every purchase goes to charity

With One Sweet Gesture, Edward Marc Chocolatier is helping to transform social and corporate responsibility in America. We believe that a portion of every business transaction should go to help someone in need. Compassion and philanthropy should be the foundation of every business model. We have made it ours. Edward Marc has teamed up with charities to bring this program to life. With each purchase of any product in our catalog, we will give 20% of that purchase to your charity of choice in our program. We feel that one of the greatest causes is reaching out and helping others that are in need.

We are committed to making this campaign a success, but cannot do it without you. Please join our cause by sweetening someone’s life with a box of chocolates and make this world a happier place.

While considering Edward Marc chocolates, please remember that our One Sweet Gesture program can be applied to all corporate gifts, phone and web orders, for your convenience.

To ensure 20% of your order is donated to your charity of choice, upon check out please use the corresponding promotional code located on our charity pages or call 1-877-488-1808 to place your order.

Does your corporation give out gifts throughout the year or host events? Please contact us at 202-496-1999 to discuss how your corporate order can directly benefit your charity of choice.

If you are interested in becoming Charitable Partners with Edward Marc Chocolatier, please call us at 1-877-488-1808 or email us at